I'm Ale Cisneros, a peruvian artist, illustrator & designer who loves sharing happiness through her work. 

Drawing for me is an adventure and exploration into myself and the world around me. Through my work, I create links between the outside world and my own mental space. I observe my surroundings, I ponder them, I question and I interpret them, transforming any environment into a new one, into a fantasy space that I seek to make visible and share with the world. It is a graphic way of thinking that is not constrained by words, a visual means of interpreting my reality and a way of life. Through my art I attempt to understand and prescribe meaning to this world that I live in.

When I'm is not drawing you can find me dancing, singing or roaming around nature. 

Clients include: Adidas, Minicooper, GAP, Corona, Estrella Damm, Fundación Telefónica Perú, The Athlete's Foot
Ex Ambassador: Motorola

EVENTS & Exhibitions

Jan 5, Live paining surfboard for Corona @ In Punta Hermosa. Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru

Nov 22, 2018: Live painting for MiniCooper Peru. Minicooper store. Lima, Peru
Sept 13, 2018: Live painting for GAP Peru. Larcomar. Lima, Peru
May 6, 2018: Art workshop for Adidas Peru as part of their "Arkin" campaign @ Cinnamon Fest. Lima, Peru
May 2 , 2018: Live painting for Adidas Peru for their Arkyn campaign. Adidas Originals Jockey Plaza. Lima, Peru
Apr, 2018: Customized Nike Air Force 1 givaway for TAF. Lima, Peru
Mar 17, 2018: Mural painting in public library "Gustavo Momhe Llona". NGO Arte y Alma. Villa Maria del Triunfo, Lima, Peru
Mar 30, 2018: Group exhibition in La Honda Club. Lima, Peru
Mar 10, 2018: Live painting for Estrella Damm. Cañete, Lima Peru
Feb, 2018: Mural painting @ Cafe Punta Hermosa. Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru
Nov 2017: Mural painting @ Hanoi Rock City. Hanoi, Vietnam
Nov 2017: SVA group exhibition @ SALA Gallery. Tel Aviv, Israel
Sept 24, 2017: Mural painting in La Quebrada de Carabayllo, Lima, Peru
Sept 20, 2017: Upaint workshop @ Barranco Beer Company. Barranco, Lima, Peru
Sept 9, 2017: Mural painting PRONOEI "Los Patitos". NGO Arte y Alma. Villa María del Triunfo, Lima, Peru
Aug 10, 2017: Open studio @ SVA Flatiron Gallery. New York, USA
Jul 6, 2017: Open studio @ School of Visual Arts. New York, USA
Feb 16, 2017: Live painting  for a fundraiser event for Construye Identidad @ El Gato Tulipán. Barranco, Lima, Peru
Nov 25, 2016: Mural painting for Fair Saturday Peru. Villa el Salvador, Lima, Peru
Nov 28, 2016: Upaint selfportrait workshop @BT Hotel. San Isidro, Lima, Peru
Oct 6, 2016: "We Are Art" workshop @Design Camp Fest. Surco, Lima, Peru
Aug 23, 2016: Upaint mandala workshop @Barranco Beer Company. Barranco, Lima, Peru
Jul 6, 2016: Upaint mandala workshop @Barranco Beer Company. Barranco, Lima, Peru
May 29, 2016: Mural painting for a popular kitchen. NGO Arte y Alma. Villa el Salvador, Lima, Peru
Feb 21, 2016: Live painting on surfboards for Corona Sunsets Sessions. Punta Hermosa, Lima, Peru

interviews / PRESS

Jan 21, 2019: Article Canal IPE “5 peruvian illustrators to follow on Instagram”

Jul 25,2018: Interview for DePortada. Talking about my work
May, 2018: Interview for La Factoria. Talking about my work
May 11, 2018: Article on Cultura Colectiva staring my illustrations. "Ilustraciones de Happy Handra que te mostrarán el verdadero sentido de la felicidad". Peru
Feb, 2018: Article about my art trip to Vietnam for Motorola Peru
Jan 6, 2018: The Hindustan Times "On the road: creative people are finding new ways to collaborate" (on my trip to Vietnam). India

Sept 21, 2017: Article on "Auténticas" by Entel Perú
Sept 11, 2017: Article on "Autenticas" by Entel Perú
Dec 5, 2016: Interview for Clan Destino - Canal IPe (Peruvian national TV) Talking about my work
Feb 20, 2016: "Somos Arte" article about my art in Somos magazine. Lima, Peru.

my art in editorial 

Jul 20, 2018: Illustration for "Vitamina  M" digital magazine. "Francesca Canepa: una mirada detrás del cine peruano" .Peru
May 12, 2018: Illustration for "Vitamina M" digital magazine. "La realidad de ser mamá". Peru
Feb 15, 2018: Illustration for "Vitamina M" digital magazine. "La búsqueda de la felicidad". Peru



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